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Flexible and Emerging Work Models
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Is this for you?

For leaders, it can be lonely at the top. Every day is different, and you’re always being pulled in new directions. Business school teaches you to approach business challenges as if they were puzzles. But that assumes a clear picture of the end result already exists—like the image on a puzzle box—and you have all the necessary jigsaw pieces to succeed.

When shaping the Future of Work and addressing workforce and workplace issues, puzzle piece approaches won’t work. There is no single definitive answer that fits neatly into a frame. Rather, leading in today’s work environments is more like solving mysteries than completing puzzles. The key is knowing where to find the clues and how to adjust expectations based on what you learn along the way.

What are you experiencing?

You may have noticed that the skills that got you where you are today in your career may not be the same skills you need to manage all that is new and changing. Technological, workforce, and social change require ongoing learning, management, evaluation, and treatment.

The world of work is in the midst of revolutionary change. Seismic shifts in human and technology-driven innovation are affecting workforce structures, conditions, and cultures everywhere. You want to meet those shifts head-on and make sure that, through all the change, your organization’s culture, values, and people thrive.

How do we address it?

The market is flooded with coaches. What you need is a trusted advisor who can help you think through the unique issues impacting your workforce and workplace. But great thinking is not enough. You also need a well-conceived plan and an informed sounding board for good counsel. We offer hands-on help to get things done while also providing you with the kind of executive career support that is hard to find. We don’t coach; we challenge—then we get to work.

How does it work?

Our first session together explores the general challenges facing leaders like you who want to be architects of their Future of Work. Based on your responses and the priorities that emerge, we design a tailor-made set of deliverables in the form of a “monthly challenges checklist” that we’ll tackle together. Each month, we make sure you move forward by lending our strategic HR expertise and ensuring you stay focused. At the end of your program, we co-create an ongoing plan that builds on everything you’ve learned, implemented, and noticed about yourself, your organization, and your industry.

Our Trusted Advisor Leadership Counsel challenges you to see what you overlook in yourself and in the future that’s on the horizon for your people and business. We layer this with new ideas for organizational and personal growth, leading to sustainable profit, talent, strategy, and joy. Yes, joy. Because a better Future of Work is not about technology. It’s about human connection, potential, and impact.

“I found today extremely valuable. Your ability to listen, reflect, distill, and share suggestions has enabled me to both validate my options and consider them in a somewhat different light. Your confidence in me also provided motivation to continue living my legacy and to surround myself with supporters, beyond my friends and family network.”

Corporate Trainer

CEO, National Professional Services Firm

Work is done by people. Let’s focus on the people.