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The Future of Work

We believe:

  • The Future of Work is human. People are at the centre of work, technology is there to enable them, and community supports them.
  • Seismic shifts in human and tech-driven innovation mean change is a constant in today’s workplace, and organizations now have to learn how to work with it.
  • Complex problems often become manageable with simple solutions.
  • Wasted workforce potential is wasted profitability​.

We strive for:

  • A future-focused, equitable human workplace where career development is centred and valued​
  • Meaningful work and continuous upskilling becoming norms in the Canadian workplace
  • Employers helping their employees with career ownership, supporting them to navigate internal career management
  • Agency as a mutual win-win for employers and employees, which increases organizational talent equity
  • Social capital and supporting today’s forgotten and hidden talent pools, bringing them to the forefront for employers

With these fierce beliefs and goals, we help people—from leaders to radio listeners—develop career ownership and shape their own signature Future of Work.

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