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InterGen Lab FAQs


Why did Challenge Factory create a lab?

Because we hate to see wasted talent. The InterGen Lab will allow individuals with diverse knowledge, and experience to come together, learn, and grow while solving big challenges that will benefit their organizations.

Can you explain the intergenerational aspect?

Sure! Intergenerational wisdom pulls the experiences, needs, and perspectives of people of different ages and stages together to make sense of a rapidly changing world. Diversity of age perspectives helps to break down where there are systemic benefits and barriers to people who are younger or older. It ensures the use of a systems approach to the workplace and sets leaders on a path to create a Future of Work where no one is left behind.

Does this mean the projects in the lab focus on how generations work together?

Not necessarily. Some of the projects might focus on intergenerational dynamics. Others might focus on issues that impact workers of all ages, such as the need for constant reskilling and upskilling. What makes the lab intergenerational is that the participants represent different generations – we bring intergenerational wisdom to the problems that are being solved.

Why use a lab structure?

Today’s problems don’t have easy answers and scientists don’t solve problems that already have solutions. The lab structure allows us to work toward solving problems that are relevant and urgent to you and your organization through innovative approaches that are common in science but new to business.

What kind of organizations should apply?

The InterGen Lab is a good fit for organizations that know they need to make change and want to ensure those changes have an impact. Participating organizations are not afraid to look at and solve big challenges and big issues (even if they aren’t entirely sure how).  They also see the value of committing time, energy, and resources, to not only think outside the box, but to build a new box. If you know you need different solutions for the future and aren’t sure exactly what that might mean for your organization, you should apply.

What kind of challenges can I bring?

Science doesn’t focus on solving problems we already have solutions for, neither should you. The problem you bring should focus on the workforce and how, as an organization, you can not only make things better, but also see and approach the challenge differently. We would encourage big, messy problems, but you can also bring what may feel like a smaller problem, like employee retention and engagement.

Examples of great challenges to bring into the lab include considering how to:

  • Foresee how leadership and leadership and management might change as generative AI continues to evolve
  • Make better use of internationally trained professionals in a system that places barriers to success at every turn
  • Uncover hidden talent in tight labour markets or in specific geographies/industries
  • Retain staff and fostering renewed loyalty within your employment relationships
  • Reap the benefits of robust alumni networks and programs

How is this different from traditional strategic or operational planning?

The InterGen Lab is structured to use a scientific approach to solve a problem for which we truly do not know the answer. You will set a hypothesis, work to prove it correct or incorrect, and then formulate concrete implementation plans that include measuring the impact of your solution.

The InterGen Lab will consist of the following activities

  • January 17-18, 2024: two-day in-person kick-off event in Toronto
  • February 2024: half-day individual ‘what if…’ workshops with each organization
  • March, April, and May 2024: 3 monthly 1-hr sprints and check-ins
    • You will also need to allocate time for focused work
  • June 2024: two-day in-person symposium and wrap-up


How do I take part in the InterGen Lab?

Complete the nomination form here and we will reach out to you with next steps.

Are you still accepting applications?

Yes. Should we run out of spots, you can request to join a waitlist or signal your interest in enrolling in the next cohort.

How many people from my organization take part?

As an organization, you can have as many people as you want behind the scenes supporting your work. However, only three will attend and participate in the lab directly. It should be the same three people for the duration of the program.

How should I select who participates in my organization?

Besides choosing those that have the desire to solve big problems in a new way, it is recommended that you select an intergenerational team, sending individuals who belong to different generations (boomers, Gen X, millennials, and Gen Z). We can help you with this if you don’t have good candidates from more than 2 generations within your current workforce.

Additional Information

I have questions, can I talk to somebody?

Absolutely, please reach out to Emma, the InterGen Lab manager at: [email protected]

Where can I find more information?

  • Check out the Information Session webinar here
  • Sign up for InterGen Lab updates to be amongst the first to know when we announce updates here
  • You can see the program announcement here
  • Or reach out to Emma, the InterGen Lab Manager at [email protected]