Workforce Architecture™ – Fall/Winter 2021

Workforce Architecture is Challenge Factory’s new digital magazine and research exchange, designed for the changemakers and trailblazers driving innovation in the world of work. Combining our rich research insights and future-focused tools, Workforce Architecture brings you:

Curated content about the Future of Work, career development, hidden talent pools, intergenerational workforces, and more

Creative opportunities for data capture and collaboration

Exclusive access to Challenge Factory’s unique approach to workforce architecture

Work·force Arch·i·tec·ture

noun. The application of career development, Future of Work, and revolutionary change thinking to today’s workforce in order to create a future that advances the prosperity and well-being of individuals, organizations, and communities.

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Welcome to Workforce Architecture

Why We Need a Careers Lens in Public Policy

Hidden Talent Pools and the Question of Veteran Fit

In (Y)our Toolkit

The Talent Revolution

The Talent Revolution Blueprint – What Is It


The Talent Revolution Blueprint – How and Why We Use It

The Talent Revolution Blueprint – Putting It to Work



Five Drivers Shaping the Future of Work



Exponential with Amanda Lang: Intergenerational Workforces


To Dread and to Dream the Future of Work


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“Challenge Factory is an organization that, day in and day out, thinks about how work is evolving and how best to harness that evolution for the good of Canadians and for the good of Canadian organizations. As simple as that sounds, it’s a profound idea. Challenge Factory assumes that both workers and employers can benefit from where work is headed. It’s seeking to strike that balance between a future that benefits employers and employees, gig workers, and individual Canadians. We’re empowered now to rethink work in ways we’ve never been in the past and thank goodness we have smart people who have committed themselves to thinking big and creatively and unconventionally—and that’s what Challenge Factory is all about.”

– Kevin Press, Director of Insurance Marketing, RBC Insurance

“Challenge Factory has the ability to create the kind of traction we need to get to the next watershed that will change how we think about the world of work and how we think about what it means to be human.”

– Tim Casswell and Jennifer Latrobe, Creative Connections

“When we’re talking about anything in the future, it’s always conjecture. Challenge Factory is looking at the Future of Work through multiple lenses in ways that increase the chances that that conjecture is closer to the truth. Challenge Factory also takes an iterative approach to its work so that it doesn’t get locked into a particular methodology or set endpoint. If things change and new learnings emerge, it is nimble, flexible, and creative enough to shift and pivot as needed, which is so crucial in today’s world.”

– Sareena Hopkins, Executive Director, Canadian Career Development Foundation

“Lisa Taylor is one of the smartest people I have ever interviewed and her thinking on how to create a culture that matters – and one where people feel purposeful and productive is unmatched. Five stars for this masterful move to publish this interactive magazine.”

– Tony Chapman, The Host of Chatter that Matters – Radio Show and Podcast