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Challenge Factory’s applied research is enriched by the direct experiences we have within client organizations. We don’t only study the Future of Work; we shape it day by day in collaboration with executives, managers, and community leaders who are navigating continuous change.

Our insights inform the approaches we help to implement. These real-world implementation experiences then raise new questions that we set out to study. Workforce Architecture brings the worlds of research and organizational leadership together.

Whether you’re a policymaker or researcher in need of real-world case studies and grassroots insights or a leader striving to develop solutions that are grounded in broader trends and insight analysis, this subscription is for you.

Magazine Issues

Two issues of the Workforce Architecture magazine are published each year with curated content about the Future of Work, career development, hidden talent pools, intergenerational workforces, and more.

Rapid Insight Bulletins

Released four times a year via email, Rapid Insights include analysis and discussion of the latest trends and emerging news.


Offered by our world-class team of business strategists and tailored to your needs, our consultations will cover culture, workforce, and overall business strategy.


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