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We’re Partnering with the Ontario Municipal Human Resources Association (OMHRA), the Institute of Public Administration (IPAC) and CERIC

April 13, 2022

Our founder Lisa Taylor will be facilitating a keynote – Welcome to the Revolution: COVID, Careers, and the Future of Work. 

Even before COVID-19 hit it was clear that we were in the midst of a Talent Revolution. In the last 20 years how we work, when we work, where we work and who we work with had all been shifting. Some are working well into what used to be “retirement.” Some have never been an employee at all, crafting a patchwork of gigs and projects to navigate a freelance economy. Through it all, there had been a focus on defining the “skills of the future” which often prioritized technical skills, while downplaying the importance of career agency, ownership and navigation.

And then the world stopped, but not demand for essential services. COVID-19 brought all of our hidden questions, fears and concerns about the shifting world of work to the forefront. In this keynote address, Lisa will connect what is happening right now to workforce and career patterns and trends that have been emerging over time.

In this address, Lisa will explain what this all means for courageous public sector leaders looking to recruit, retain and grow an inclusive, agile and equipped workforce.

Challenge Factory is celebrating its 10th Anniversary by gifting 10 events to community-based organizations across the country in 2022. We are so pleased to partner with CERIC, OMHRA and IPAC to provide this session as the second “gift” in our anniversary calendar.

Lisa Taylor


Careers and Canadians: Virtual Fireside Chats with Policy Leaders

Replay Available! This event took place on March 25, 2022.

The world of work, Canadian society and the challenges facing both are changing. The public sector is adapting, and its leaders need new tools to ensure they are developing and implementing strong, effective programs, practices and policies – both as an employer and in service of all Canadians. The work done by public servants at all levels of government and across jurisdictions impacts the lives, livelihoods and careers of every Canadian.

In this series, the thought-provoking conversations will begin with a discussion about the leader’s own career journey. The focus will then be on the value of connecting careers thinking to the development, delivery and measurement of public goods and services. The dialogue will also address how and when career professionals can best influence the creation or transformation of public policy.


Lisa Taylor
Paul T. Lafleche