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The Next Normal hosts.

November 22, 12:00 PM

Careers and Canadians

Virtual Fireside Chats with Policy Leaders

A Conversation with Alastair MacFadden 

This series will explore how career management can be taken up as a powerful tool in public policymaking, a theme in CERIC’s new playbook Retain and Gain: Career Management for the Public Sector. Starting this Canada Career Month, leading current and former policy leaders from across the country will sit down with playbook author and future of work expert Lisa Taylor. Lisa’s first guest is former Saskatchewan Deputy Minister Alastair MacFadden 


The Next Normal hosts.

November 23, 10:05 am

Emerging topics in the post-pandemic world

Lisa Taylor joins a panel discussing our post-pandemic future in FMI-IGF’s PDWeek 2021. This highly respected professional development event is about sharing and celebrating successes while moving forward with confidence into a dramatically different future. Envisioning that future is what this year’s PDWeek is all about.