Future of Work

The National Conversation on the Future of Work

We are living in interesting times. Whether we are avid or infrequent consumers of reports on the future world of work, we all have a role in shaping where we are heading and what we would like to see. Challenge Factory’s new documentary has sparked national and global conversations on the Future of Work.

You are an actor in the Future of Work

Are you in the Employment Services / Career Development Sector?

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This conversation guide leads you and your team through a series of questions that challenge you to participate in the creation of a collective future.  Within the Employment Services/Career Development Sector is a wealth of experience, information, case study and wisdom. It needs to be part of the ongoing discussion shaping the future of work.

This is an invitation to dare to take a leap of imagination. It is an invitation to lean in and take up a pivotal role in surfacing, synthesizing and applying ideas towards shaping the future of work.

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