Future of Work Leadership Model

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Work, life, and organizational challenges have changed dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Future of Work grows more impactful and tangible every day. Here at Challenge Factory, we believe that organizations can absolutely survive and thrive in today’s rapidly changing work and employment landscape—by ensuring that the right people are moving into leadership roles. 

Challenge Factory’s new evidence-based Future of Work Leadership Model will help organizations identify those candidates who have what it takes to lead them into the future. 

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Challenge Factory had begun to question the traditional wisdom and models that predict leadership success. Many organizations use standardized assessment tools to identify, recruit, and develop senior leadership talent—but these often don’t assess the capacity of leaders to navigate their organizations or teams through Future of Work challengesTo fill this gap, Challenge Factory set out to design a Model that uses psychometric assessments and our own proprietary algorithm to target, select, and measure the key characteristics that make a future-focused leader. 

The following questions have been guiding our product development: 

1. What would an “ideal” leadership profile include if the critical outcomes are less operational, more aspirationaland firmly rooted in Future of Work needs? 

2. Can common leadership traits, competencies, behaviours, and motivators be identified across a wide variety of industries and organizations to create a new leadership profile benchmark?

3. A profile benchmark is typically developed by having a small group of people who know its role well participate to define a set of key criteria, against which prospective candidates are then measured. Can a new leadership profile benchmark generate better “Future of Work” discussions during recruitment cycles or succession planning? Does it lead to unexpected leaders being identified? 

Challenge Factory’s Future of Work Leadership Model is now in its beta version and ready to be piloted in organizations across industries. We would be thrilled to have your organization be one of our pilot sites. 

What can this Model do for your organization? 

  • Identify prospective leaders among internal candidates so their leadership development paths can be planned out early and intentionally. 
  • Assess the leadership capacity of external candidates during a recruitment cycle. 
  • Map the ability of a workforce or leadership team to meet Future of Work challenges, and ascertain any recasting of goals, priorities, or action plans needed at the organizational level.