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Trusted Advisor Leadership Counsel

Outsourced expertise that feels in-house

It can be lonely at the top. Every day is different, and you are always putting out fires. Sometimes the smoke is so thick, it’s hard to see more than one step ahead. You need a trusted advisor to help clear the air, solutions to the challenges that hold you back, and a roadmap to shape a new Future of Work. 

Even before the pandemic, the world of work was already in the midst of revolutionary change. Seismic shifts in human and technology-driven innovation were affecting workforce structures, conditions, and cultures everywhere. 

We keep hearing that leaders are afraid.  While many of the skills that made leaders strong in the past will continue to serve them well going forward, technological, workforce, and social change are chronic conditions requiring ongoing management, evaluation, and treatment.  

The market is flooded with coaches.  Leaders need a trusted advisor that can help them think through their unique people issues, coordinate a plan, receive counsel, and get hands-on help both personally and professionally.

We don’t coach, we challenge.

Our Trusted Advisor Leadership Counsel challenges you to see what you overlook in yourself, and in the people aspects of your business. We mix that with new ideas for organizational and personal growth, leading to sustainable profit, talent, strategy, and joy. Yes, joy. Because a better Future of Work is human – not tech – focused. 

Workplace challenges did not stop during the pandemic. Instead, they became more visible and visceral, meaning that many leaders need counsel – someone to help them clarify their thinking using questions, ideas, and examples. They need advice and tangible actions to take while being held accountable at a peer-to-peer level.  

How does it work?

We start with a session exploring the general challenges facing leaders like you who want to be architects of their Future of Work.  Based on where we end up, together we create a tailor-made calendar so that you will have the dates planned and a checklist of challenges you know we will tackle. Each month, we will make sure you move forward. At the end of your program, we’ll co-create an ongoing plan that builds on all that you have learned, implemented, and noticed about yourself, your organization, and your industry. 

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