Strategic Foresight Facilitation

Concept: going in a different direction

Strategic Workforce Services that bridge today’s reality with tomorrow’s potential

Strategic Foresight Facilitation

Planning using an informed, thoughtful process that sparks new scenarios.

Human resources and workforce planning today is not the same as it was even 5 years ago. The Talent Revolution, COVID-19, and labour market dynamics have elevated the urgency and importance of integrated workforce and strategic planning. Planning for an uncertain future and unpredictable market shifts requires different tools.

Challenge Factory’s Strategic Foresight Facilitation is a different approach to strategic planning that elevates human resources and anticipates continually shifting work environments, demographics, expectations, and needs. Together, we’ll engage your team, accelerate buy-in, and generate surprising approaches to solve not even fully defined yet challenges.

Shape your own Future of Work

Together, we’ll co-design an approach that fits your culture and includes:

  1. Trusted Advisor support for the leader of the team
  2. A series of workshops and working sessions that generate different types of conversations, leading to new possibilities and a solid plan
  3. A discussion document to use internally that reflects your history, present state, and future scenarios
  4. An engaging culminating event that creatively draws in entire teams
  5. Change management and communications support (as required)
  6. Project management and implementation support (as required)

Work is done by people. Let’s focus on the people.

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