Hidden Talent Career Ownership and Innovation

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Looking for outplacement without getting fired?
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Hidden Talent Career Ownership and Innovation Program.

The world around you is continually changing – especially in the last two years when not only did public health and global environmental and social issues come to the forefront but, at the same time, you have also been grappling with what is next for you. You are at a crossroads, excited to move forward while being uncertain about which paths are available, what investments might pay off, and how to balance work, transition, learning, and family.  

There is also something unique about the transition you are looking to make. You may not realize it, but you are part of a Hidden Talent pool. This change is not just about finding a new job. As a military Veteran, older worker, or other hidden source of talent, your transition is fraught with hiring manager bias and misunderstanding. You are looking for an informed, professional advisor in your corner who can challenge you to look beyond what is obvious and shape your own future. 

The market is flooded with coaches for jobseekers and people seeking to transition out of their current jobs. Typically, career development services are provided only to those who are unemployed and, with a national unemployment rate of between 6-10% this means approximately 90% of our citizens navigate career transition without any career support, ownership, or exploration.

We’ve got your back

People need a dedicated advisory service that can help them grow in their career and in their life. One that allows them to think through their personal questions, their professional brand, and the way they relate to the community and culture they have (or want to have) where they choose to work.

How does it work?

We start with a session exploring the general challenges facing individuals like you who want to be architects of their own Future of Work. This initial audit leads us to design a roadmap of what we will accomplish over 3-6 months.  
The roadmap is a tailor-made calendar with six “challenges” or topics that we will address one at a time. As we complete a topic, a different piece of your lifelong career management toolkit will be built. Over six meetings, we will focus on career and life goals, create, or refresh your brand, and receive hands-on help both personally and professionally.  

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