Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge


Do you dare accept the challenge?

Veterans – Your challenge is to discover how your talents can help small- to medium-sized businesses.

Businesses – Your challenge is to explore the great hidden talents that Veterans can bring to your organization.

Give us a few hours of your time over three days to challenge your assumptions, understandings, and experiences of each other. The Veteran Friendly Ontario (VFO) Challenge pairs two groups – military Veterans and business owners – who can strengthen each other.

Businesses will upskill their recruitment, hiring, and onboarding practices, helping them find and keep great people.

Veterans will gain an insider’s view of business, using their dynamic skillset to problem solve in real-time.

The VFO Challenge

This free training program addresses what 70% of employers are reporting: their real challenge is finding and keeping great people on staff. They need new solutions, because what worked before is now broken.

Getting access to hidden talent pools, like Canada’s Veterans, has quickly become a business imperative. But employers don’t know where to start.

Veterans can be great hires. They are work-ready, loyal, educated, and highly skilled. This talent pool gets refilled each year as approximately 8,500 members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) transition from military into civilian life. But their experiences and resumes are getting lost in translation.

That’s where we come in. With the support of the Government of Ontario, Challenge Factory has partnered with True Patriot Love to pair Veterans with business owners, enriching both groups.

By taking part in the VFO Challenge, business owners will:
  • Practice new hiring and retention tools
  • Access the untapped hidden talent pool of Canada’s Veterans
  • Gain new perspectives about their role as leaders
  • Earn a micro-credential and become recognized as a certified Veteran Ready workplace
Badge Veteran
By taking part in the VFO Challenge, Veterans will:
  • Expose hiring managers to the value of Veteran talent
  • Identify how small- to medium-sized businesses operate
  • Integrate their military experiences into civilian workplaces
  • Experience a day in the life of a business owner and understand their rewards and challenges
  • Earn a micro-credential in Small Business Acumen that can be used on LinkedIn profiles and resumes
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As a small business owner, your only commitments are time (a few hours over three days), a willingness to host a Veteran for a day, and a desire to learn.

As a Veteran, all that’s required is your time (a few hours over three days), your desire to learn and grow, and your motivation to take control of your career.

Do you dare accept the challenge?

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Check out the recordings of our information sessions:

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