The Canadian Guide to Hiring Veterans

The definitive guide to hiring Veterans.

Veterans form one of Canada’s most adaptable, versatile, and hidden talent pools. They’re also looking for work by the thousands. This is a vital opportunity that can help employers of all stripes meet their organizational needs in today’s challenging and changing world of work.

The Canadian Guide to Hiring Veterans is designed to help organizations that have limited human resources and recruitment capacity build strong, resilient teams that include Veterans who are skilled and ready to fill labour or skills shortages.

This easy-to-use resource offers:

  • practical, reusable tools for finding, hiring, and retaining Veterans (including a hiring checklist, interview guide, onboarding framework, and more);
  • myth-busting research about Veterans in the civilian workforce; and,
  • additional resources compiled in one convenient place for connecting with Veterans, job services, and other human resources tools.

The second important purpose of this Guide is to help destigmatize Veterans both in and outside the workplace, and to clarify exactly why they make such a valuable yet hidden talent pool and recruitment source in Canada. Drawing on Challenge Factory’s ground-breaking national research about employer hiring biases and the unique working style of Veterans, this Guide explores:

  • perceptions about Veterans in the civilian workforce;
  • why employers in need of talent and Veteran jobseekers are missing each other; and,
  • lessons that can be learned from existing Veteran hiring programs.


“I’m pleased to congratulate Challenge Factory on publishing The Canadian Guide to Hiring Veterans. Canada’s Veterans have talents and skills that make them valued employees wherever they choose to work in their post-service careers, and at Veterans Affairs Canada, we work with Veterans throughout their transition to life after service so they can reach their employment goals. The Challenge Factory project is another example of how the Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund supports innovative efforts to support our Veterans and their families. The Canadian Guide to Hiring Veterans offers detailed insights and research to explain why Veterans are an invaluable employment resource for businesses across the country, and I believe it’s going to help promote Veterans hiring across Canada.”

The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay

Minister of Veterans Affairs and Associate Minister of National Defence

About Lisa Taylor
Talent Futurist

Lisa Taylor is a sought-after expert, speaker, and columnist on today’s changing world of work. As President of Challenge Factory and the Centre for Career Innovation, Lisa offers invaluable leadership and insights about the Future of Work—with a focus on how talent equity, demographics, the freelance economy, and new market dynamics present opportunities to gain strategic workforce and career advantage. In addition to The Talent Revolution, she is the author of the Retain and Gain series of career management playbooks for small businesses and non-profits and charities.

After receiving her MBA in Strategic Management and Public Administration from the Schulich School of Business at York University, Lisa held progressive roles at Deloitte and Hewlett-Packard. In 2014, Lisa was recognized by the Urban Land Institute as one of Canada’s Top 100 Women for her work in leadership, employment, and city building. She was also recognized by the Career Professionals of Canada as their 2015 Outstanding Career Leader.

Lisa sits on the Boards of Directors of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Regiment Association and CERIC. She is a member of the Canadian Council for Career Development’s Standards and Guidelines stakeholder committee, and a representative for Team Canada with the International Centre for Career Development and Public Policy.

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Taryn Blanchard is Challenge Factory’s Head of Research. She works on human-centric research projects that seek to explore culture and context through multi-disciplinary collaboration. Her passion and expertise is exploring issues related to work, communities of practice, expression, and the relationship between humans and technology. Taryn has previously worked in academia and the human rights sector on issues of free expression, press freedom, privacy and digital security, transnational NGO networks, and humanitarian assistance. She holds a Ph.D. in anthropology, as well as an H.BA. in anthropology and linguistics, from the University of Toronto.

What happens when an organization struggles to build a strong workforce? Where are all the qualified jobseekers hiding? How can employers and hiring managers find them, hire them, and keep them? This easy-to-use Challenge Factory resource offers a simple but powerful solution: Hire Canada’s Veterans.”

The Canadian Guide to Hiring Veterans