Retain and Gain

  • Will include 40+ practical, low-cost tips, activities and actions to engage and retain public sector staff
  • Recognition of distinct workforce and workplace conditions in the public service, special sections, templates and links to unique resources
  • Specific focus will be given to equity and inclusion, highlighting how career development approaches can address the impact of systemic barriers and discrimination
  • Approximately 60 pages; graphic-oriented and presented in the novel “travel guide” format used in previous versions of the Playbook
  • Produced in both English and French
  • Available for free download and also for sale in print and ebook formats


An action-focused playbook with 40+ low-cost tips, activities, and actions that small business can take right now (some in only ten minutes a day) to attract, engage, and retain staff. 

  • Planning templates and links to unique resources
  • Special sections for workforce suggestions for new graduates, the aging workforce, and family businesses
  • Available in English and French. Aussi disponible en français.

Based on incredible feedback and support for Retain and Gain: Career Management for Small Business, this new edition offers sector-specific insights and activities for non-profits and charities.

Career management, even for the smallest organizations, offers a strategic lever for stronger performance. Indeed, career management affects more than just employee satisfaction and loyalty. It drives better client service, faster identification of ways to deliver on your mission, and increased opportunity for growth.

“Canada’s business profile is overwhelmingly positioned in the small and medium-sized business space; these businesses are the backbone of the communities we call home. Often, within their daily operations, there is not time for business owners and managers to accomplish all that is necessary for success – including the time to think about critical human resource planning. That is why we are so pleased to be part of the Career Management Playbook for Small Business; this resource provides realistic tools to assist  small and medium-sized businesses in attracting and retaining employees who will become an important part of their future success strategy.”
Perrin Beatty
President and CEO | Canadian Chamber of Commerce
“Retaining great people is a key issue we all face in the non-profit sector. The Retain and Gain Career Management for Non-Profits and Charities Playbook is an impressive tool full of tips, strategies and resources that will be helpful to our sector as we strive to create decent work environments for all staff.”
Cathy Taylor
Executive Director, Ontario NonProfit Network (ONN)
“An innovative and important resource for small business owners looking to scale up. Our consultations with young entrepreneurs and supporters across the country have shown that acquiring and retaining talent is critical to facilitating business growth – and this playbook provides much-needed tools to achieve that.”
Julia Deans
CEO | Futurpreneur Canada

“The Retain and Gain Playbook is a foundational guide for every entrepreneur and small business owner to attract and retain a successful team through focusing on employee career development and smart planning. Providing options and examples underpinned by data, the Playbook is perfect for the busy business owner who needs to support and scale high-performance teams.”

Victoria Lennox
Co-Founder and CEO | Start-up Canada