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Make getting Back to the Office as comfortable as possible for everyone.

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The most important question for returning to the office is not who, how, or when.
Free downloadable tip sheets and resources.

Though we’re returning to our own workspaces, enough has changed and enough time has passed that this transition may be challenging. So, we’ve built a couple of printable tip sheets full of ideas that will help make your first weeks back more comfortable and make the change easier for both leaders and team members. Please download the material and share it with your teams.

These tip sheets are inspired by activities detailed in the Retain & Gain playbook series (for Small Business, Non-profit, and Public Sector), available for free online in pdf form. If you want more background or inspiration, feel free to download these as well.

If you feel like you and/or your team could use more discovery or guidance during the return, whether it is now or in months, our team would be pleased to offer you a free consultation.

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