Coming to Canada in 2020: The Future of Work Community of Activators

Oct 28, 2019

WHO are Activators?

Activators are leaders inside of organizations, regions and communities. Some represent large organizations. Others find themselves on the leading edge of change without a natural peer group. They are asking questions that are not being answered by skill-focused or technology-based communities of practice.

WHAT are Activators?

At their core, Activators are curious, informed and brave. There are two types of Activators:

Talent Trailblazers: These Activators engage in opportunities to expand knowledge and networks. They are focused on summary-level learning and engagement in order to determine how and where to engage more deeply in the future. Their focus is on creating the right conditions for change and leadership growth within their own organization and to enhance personal career goals.

Talent Revolutionaries: These Activators are more intentional in their engagement with this community. They also look to get out of their usual stomping grounds and focus their professional development on experiences that have them meeting different populations and bringing learnings home. Their focus is less on knowledge sharing and more on creative disruption and action. These Activators have challenging questions and a thirst for diverse and atypical resources. In addition to macro-level topics and challenges, these activators are looking to learn how their own attitude, capacity and capabilities can be best leveraged for maximum impact in their work to support and transform their communities.

WHAT will the Activator Community do?

Working together, this community addresses the unique needs, fears, hopes and requirements of those who are creating and shaping the future of work. It is a place to bring big questions and test wild ideas. It is also a place to recharge depleted batteries – the work of change activation is not easy.

WHAT does Challenge Factory Bring to the Table?

We’ve spoken with a variety of community leaders, organizations and individuals across Canada to understand where there are gaps in the opportunities available to Activators. We have combined these findings with recent discussions with community leaders in Scandinavia, Singapore and the US. We learned where Canada is leading the world in terms of technology advancement and where we are trailing other jurisdictions that are tackling significant challenges we have not yet begun to address in meaningful ways.

Our promise to you is that every interaction will challenge and extend your understanding of the future of work, that this will be a positive, affirming community and that it will address topics from the largest system-wide challenges to your own personal attitudes and capabilities, to allow you to thrive in this ever-changing world of work.

WHEN Do We Get Going?

These programs will begin in January 2020 with limited enrollment. They are intended to combine access to leading market research focused on the future of work with personal and team development tools and programs.

HOW Do I Sign Up?

Programs are customized for each participant after an initial qualifying interview where we will align your goals to the program offerings and tailor your participation to fit your needs. Click here to receive an application package in November.


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